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About Us means You, the Product and Me

This About Us section is uniquely special because when you see the words “OUR” or “US”, it means, You, reading this, Me, the founder, and also the company Product, which is a growing community of entertainers and talented people in 15 countries around the world.


About Me

My name is Anthony DiPrima, I’m from Rochester, New York. I’m 39, ok 49 omg! :-), a visionary, and have worked on a variety of concepts online and offline ever since the Internet came into the mainstream.

My vision for the company came about when I stumbled upon an out of the ordinary video greeting. A light bulb came on and I quickly came up with a concept and a real purpose for the WhoLovesYou.ME domain name I created a couple years earlier. The brand name Gigeo® was created by me as a play on the words gig and video.

I am becoming a leader of the pack sort of speak


I have been working tirelessly online, with branding, site development, marketing and communicating with a wide variety of talented people, and also offline, by traveling the streets in hot spots around the country and personally getting to know many entertaining individuals known as street performers and buskers.

Nearly every street performer I have communicated OUR brand and vision with gets it right away. It's really an empowering feeling to have their backing and support for my core vision for the company, which is building the world’s coolest lifestyle brand while giving talented people all around the world a new way of making a living monetizing their craft.

I am becoming the leader of the pack sort of speak, who believes that a true leader gains strength by helping others.


One of my core visions for the company is making 
Gigeo® the world’s coolest lifestyle brand”


About The Product

This is a new category and we are directly competing for a share of the greeting card market. What makes a Gigeo® an amazing greeting card alternative is that a Gigeo® personalized birthday greeting is uncommon, unforgettable and has a high value with a low cost. Every birthday Gigeo® is one of a kind and created exclusively for the consumer. There are no two alike and a Gigeo® is as much fun sending as it is receiving one. That’s because every Gigeo® includes the sender’s name as well as the recipient’s name and city, so the sender becomes part of the production as well. As you will see for yourself, it really makes an impact when you see or hear your name in one of these timeless video memories that will be entertaining for years to come. This is truly a feel-good product. 


“We are a growing community of talented
people in 15 countries”


Street Performers, Artists, Actors and Entertainers
of all walks of life are
the Life and Soul of OUR company.


Some Talented People Behind a Gigeo® Personalized Video

Jesse Puente – Los Angeles, California
Jesse Puente is a world-champion BMX Flatlander. First Place @ U.S. Championships of BMX 2002 1st Place pro flatland @ Metro BMX Jam, 2004. Worlds (Germany) 2004. Flat Time King (France) 2004 King of Ground (Japan) 2004


Elijah Salaah "Esalaah" – USA
I have been a professional beat boxer for over 20 years and a pro voice over Artist for 15 and now a YouTube Star. I have my own style which makes makes my beat boxing unique, but now, I love the fact that people can utilize whatever they hear and interpret it to their own style. I was beat boxing before there was a term for it!!


Nuno Monteiro – Madrid, Spain
I was born in Oporto, Portugal, I started to play guitar at the age off thirteen. I do recording electric and acoustic guitars for many different artists around the world.

Marcus Halbig – Austria
My stage name is Mr-Marcus, I am a professional Street performer, Actor and Entertainer. I can be found entertaining people with shows filled with stunts, juggling (even torches and a chainsaw), fireworks and lots of comedy on one of the highest unicycles in the world.

Sam Jackson Peiris – Las Vegas, NV
I premiered as a professional Michael Jackson impersonator in Europe then honing my career into notoriety overseas. In 2013, I gained the opportunity to perform and impersonate as Michael Jackson in the presence of M.J.’s blood-related family.


“It’s and exciting time to be You”


It’s Now Time to Talk About You

Have you ever heard someone say, “hey I am so excited, I get to go to the store today to find a birthday card to send someone”? Not likely. It’s and exciting time to be you because finally, you have a  real alternative to mundane paper greeting cards. It’s called a Gigeo® and they are super cool!

Some Customer Feedback

Today's Marilyn Monroe Gigeo was a big hit. I got this reply from my "victim" -- "As president of the Dutch Canadian association YOU have made my day.”  Sender - Sheila K.

My brother always goes out of his way to send me out of the ordinary birthday cards. This was his best yet by far! Everyone at the party was talking about it.” Recipient – Jerry P.

Card was a hit! --Wow (you middle aged bag!). That was a fantastic card!
Thanks!! Love Sue” Recipient – Sue

Can I just say...? These are the most wonderful and most perfect gifts of ALL TIME. I'd be willing to write a review, just let me know how. I'd be happy to do yelp/Google+/etc, just let me know! I burst out laughing 2 seconds in to the first video., This is gold, thank you so much,  props to your social media team, too! I am 100% sure I found you on a Pinterest board!  Sender - Lauren Davis


“we will impact the lives of entertainers
of all walks of life on a global scale”


You Are Making a Big Difference

You would never imagine the positive impact You are doing to people’s lives, the environment and the charities we share with when you send a birthday Gigeo® to someone.

Your Impact On Peoples Lives

You have likely heard the terms "starving artists", "starving actors" and "starving musicians". Every time you decide to send someone a super cool Gigeo® personalized birthday greeting instead of a store bought birthday card, you are empowering street performers and talent around the world to earn a stable, healthy income through the craft they love… but without the hardships and challenges normally facing them such as bad weather, lack of crowds, city ordinances, belligerent people and competition with other performers for prime locations. Together, we will impact the lives of entertainers of all walks of life on a global scale.

 Your Impact On the Environment


Did you know?
Over 7 Billion Greeting Cards a Year Are Sold in the USA

Placed End-to-End Can Circle the Earth 35 times


“committed to OUR word "gigeo" becoming a 
children's hospital's bright spot”


We Love to Give Back

That’s why a portion of everything that OUR company makes goes to help make the world a better place through world-wide animal welfare causes, and by donating Gigeo® birthdays greetings to kids in children’s hospitals and veterans. We are committed to OUR word "gigeo" becoming a children's hospital's bright spot on a global scale.

#gigeo #greenliving

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