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Gigeo® Personalized Video Invitations

Nowadays with the introduction of technology and the ease of communication, invitations are often sent electronically, via email or social media. Unnecessary printing is frowned upon and Gigeo® personalized invitations videos are definitely the most eco-friendly option for sustainability conscious guests.

Casinos: When trying to engage your casino VIPs to come to an event, using invitation with a broad appeal for your most important people might seem like the way to go. But in reality, high end players are looking for special treatment.

Baller Parties: If you want your invitees to rant about an upcoming high-end baller party long before the party starts.

Conventions: Engage your important buyers before they get to your trade show by..

Fund Raising Events: Gigeo® personalized invitations are for formal, high profile or significant events and high class fundraisers in particular. You can’t expect people to raise a lot of money if you send out cheap invites.

  • High-End Golf Tournaments
  • High-End Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties
  • High-End Birthday Parties 


IBM Meet and Greet Invitation - Robert De Niro Style


Birthday Party Invitation - Pee Wee Herman Style


Casino VIP Invitation to Hard Rock Casino Boxing Event - Don King Style

The Golden Nugget - Invitation to New Years Eve Party at  - Marilyn Monroe Style

Birthday Party Invitation - Clint Eastwood Style


Birthday Party Invitation - Michael Jackson


Casino Themed Charity Event - Robert De Niro Style



Birthday Party - Mini T Style


Kids Birthday Party - Trillo n Suede Style